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Bitcoin Wine is an exclusive collection of 10,000 real bottles of luxury imported Italian wine paired with 10,000 digital assets on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The series will be comprised as a two-piece ensemble:

  • A rare and tangible bottle of Bitcoin Wine, commonly referred to as a “physical token” that the owner is able to drink or display in their home.
  • A digital asset, also referred to as “crypto art” that the holder can display in their online NFT gallery.

Each physical bottle of Bitcoin Wine will have a QR code on the back label and when scanned will take the viewer directly to the digital asset.

Bitcoin Wine is a wholly owned subsidiary of eWorld Companies, Inc., the parent company of Angelini Trading Company— a Los Angeles area-based company that distributes 26 varieties of wine from 5 different family-owned wineries from the Italian Peninsula.

Bitcoin Wine is a featured project by NFT Distribution Company, Inc.— a community driven private company that focuses on the curation of NFT artists and emerging companies into the NFT space. NFT Distribution Company, Inc. (NFTDCINC) is in the process of a reverse merger - The first publicly traded NFT company.

eWorld Angelini NFTDCINC




This Roadmap acts as a blueprint and a transparent plan of action for the project. While things in this space are ever-expanding and moving exponentially quick, we do intend to adjust the outline accordingly to benefit the project and our community.


    Hurrayyyy!  Bitcoin Wine is a success; and it's an NFT! We just want to take a second to high-five our team and congratulate everyone in the community who participated and minted a Bitcoin Wine NFT. We’ve put a lot of time and passion into this project; so, a successful sellout means everything to us. At this stage, we’d just like to reflect and express gratitude.


    It's time for all Bitcoin Wine holders to receive their one of a kind Bitcoin Wine! Yes; yes; yes; it is a physical bottle of wine. We will post an announcement in our Discord with instructions on how to verify your wallet to confirm you hold a Bitcoin Wine NFT. We will then collect all shipping addresses from verified wallets and begin to ship your Bitcoin Wine..


    The winners will be airdropped an unreleased Bitcoin Wine NFT and an unreleased song by Lil Bitcoin Here's how to enter. When you receive your physical bottle of Bitcoin Wine in the mail, take a picture with it in a fun and unique setting/environment. You may create something digitally, or you may set something up IRL. Whatever you decide to do; have fun with it! We will choose the best 100 entries.


    Everybody loves a POAP; and who doesn't love a new PFP? For those who don’t know what a POAP is, or what PFP stands for; POAP stands for “Proof of Attendance Protocol”. It’s proof that you attended something; like a concert ticket or your Coachella wristband—except it's digital. It shows that you were there. Well, now you can prove that you were part of the Bitcoin Wine Project! PFP stands for “Profile Picture”. Here in the NFT space we like to show off and display our support for a project by changing our social media profile picture to the project avatar or JPEG we’ve purchased. We want to be able to easily identify who's in this club. So, all members of the Bitcoin Wine Club will be airdropped their very own elegant and unique PFP.


    Your Bitcoin Wine NFT acts as a membership to our exclusive Bitcoin Wine Club (BWC). All members are granted access to both Bitcoin Wine & NFT Distribution Company events & meet ups which will be held periodically in different major cities around the United States. As the Bitcoin Wine project continues to evolve we will disclose options to our members in regards to receiving luxury imported Italian wines on a monthly or quarterly basis.


    We’re throwing a party; and if you can't make it, don't worry, because we're going to live stream it so you won't miss a thing! As long as you hold a Bitcoin Wine NFT you’ll either be here IRL with us, or with us in The Metaverse. Not only are we going to party like the Pandemic is over, but we're going to drink the Bitcoin Wine too. Don’t worry, we understand the Bitcoin Wine you purchased is a collectible; and it certainly won't be as valuable if it's empty. So, save your bottles. Leave them at home and come drink ours! We'll have a few set aside for the party; and if we don't finish all the Bitcoin Wine at the party, we'll raffle off the rest!


    We're conducting a raffle. 2 winners will receive a 5 day trip to Italy with expenses included where you'll be able to tour the Bitcoin Wine Vineyard and Winery. Each winner may bring a guest. Come va per l'utilità?


    As a Bitcoin Wine holder you retain exclusive whitelist access to all future drops and launches by eWorld Companies, Inc. Our plans to launch the first Crypto Distillery & Winery and pair digital assets to rare liquors & wines is already underway.


When is the drop?

Make sure to follow up with our announcements on Discord and Twitter for information regarding the drop times and dates.

How many items are in this drop?

10,000. There will be 10,000 digital pieces paired with 10,000 physical bottles of wine.

Will I get a real/physical bottle of wine?

Yes. We will ship you a real bottle of Bitcoin Wine.

How is the digital paired with the physical?

On the back label of the physic bottle of wine will be a QR code. When the QR code is scanned it will take the viewer directly to the digital artwork.

What will the mint price be?

.28 eth

Where is the wine from?

The wine is shipped from Castellani Winery in Pontedera, Italy—near Pisa.

What is NFT Distribution Company, Inc.?

NFT Distribution Company, Inc. (NFTDCINC) curates NFT artists in live exhibitions & emerges companies into the the NFT space. NFTDCINC hosts IRL NFT events & meetups to bring the NFT community together.

Who is Lil Bitcoin?

Lil Bitcoin is the first avatar artist to make his debut into the music scene in the form of an NFT. Lil Bitcoin is the first artist to release a single, “I Love Bitcoin,” as an NFT under the first ever Metalabel, Crypto Money Records.

Are you allowed to ship wine?

Yes. We have a liquor license. Our public company, eWorld Companies, Inc. which is the parent company of Angelini Trading Company—is a Los Angeles area-based company that distributes 26 varieties of wine from 5 different family-owned wineries in Italy.

What kind of wine is it?

80% Sangiovese & 20% Syrah.

Will I get an NFT with my physical bottle of wine?

Yes. You will receive an NFT created by Tillavision that will also include an unreleased song by Lil Bitcoin featuring Crypto Chris.

Are all the NFTs different?

No. All 10,000 digital pieces will be identical. However, they will be numbered in value with #1 of 10,000 being the most valuable. The physical bottles will be numbered as well and paired with the number of your NFT. For example: NFT #511 will receive bottle #511.

How will you ship our bottles to us?

We will confirm that you are a Bitcoin Wine holder by verifying your wallet address. After confirmation we will collect your shipping address.

Can I buy stock in eWorld Companies?

Yes. eWorld Companies, Inc. (EWRC) is a publicity traded company on OTC Markets and can be traded on brokerages such as: Fidelity; E*TRADE; TD Ameritrade; Etc.

What is eWorld Companies, Inc.?

eWorld Companies, Inc. is the Parent Company of Angelini Trading Company, a Los Angeles area-based company that distributes 26 varieties of wine from 5 different family-owned wineries, 2 different handmade Italian pasta factories, and a premier olive oil company that won the 2014 award for best olive oil in the world, and other specialty food items seldom seen in the U.S. market.

What is Angelini Trading Company

Angelini Trading Company is really a network of established, successful, factories all with the common goal of exporting their own authentic brand of Italian quality products to a grateful world.

How Long Is The NFT?

The NFT is an MP4 and is 2 minutes and 13 seconds long. The NFT includes a full length song by Lil Bitcoin & Crypto Chris titled "Bitcoins".




Justin Nabors "Fluluv"
Creative Director & Social Media Strategist


Marvin Willams
Graphics & Campaign Design


Matt Pentilla "TillaVision"
Graphics Visionary


Lil Bitcoin
Brand Development


Maryjane Crypto "MJ"
Web Designer & Font-End Dev


Business & Marketing Consultant


Mirek Gorny
Product Manager


Blockchain Developer



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